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Autonars Review

Autonars Review :Streamlining Your Webinar Earnings Effortlessly

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Autonars Review-Introduction

Online marketing is revolutionized by webinars, but their technicalities can be cumbersome. The intricacies involved in ensuring flawless execution and attracting a sufficient audience can be daunting. Imagine if you could consistently present a perfect webinar, without the hiccups, automatically?

Autonars Review
Autonars Review

Let’s dive into Autonars, the tool that promises to deliver just that.

Autonars Review-Overview

 Autonars is an innovative cloud-based software that allows you to use pre-recorded videos as webinars. Its name is a blend of “Automated” and “Webinars.”

This tool is designed to assist online marketers in establishing a business model that promotes third-party products. It provides evergreen presentations and real-time Q&A sessions. Additionally, it offers pre-configured webinars without recurring charges. This facilitates list building, product selling, and affiliate sales on autopilot.

The Brains Behind Autonars – Brett and Mike from Maine

Brett transitioned from carpentry and programming to navigate the digital marketing sphere, amassing over a million dollars in online ventures. Partnered with Mike, a seasoned digital marketer, they’ve rolled out successful products like Group Traffic Profit, ReEngager, and Board Commander.

Their strategy of utilizing webinars brought in over $100,000 in 2016. Seeking to optimize this in 2017, they introduced Autonars.

Key Features of Autonars

  • Pre-packaged Webinars: Out-of-the-box, Autonars includes two webinar recordings. Just affiliate with the products they discuss, and earn commissions from purchases made through your link.
  • Autoresponder Sync: Autonars smoothly integrates with popular autoresponders like Aweber, Mailit, and GetResponse. This eliminates the manual transfer of subscriber lists. It also pairs with the Mailit Plugin, an autoresponder tool by Brett Rutecky.
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers:
    • Basic Autonars ($34.95): Automated webinar platform with two pre-configured webinars.
    • Autonars Pro ($67): Four additional webinars with full commissions on product sales.
    • Four-week training ($47): A month-long coaching with Brett and Mike on traffic and profitability.
    • Agency Access ($97-$197): Details not provided.

Operational Mechanics After account creation, users access a dashboard. The webinar creation process involves three stages:

  1. Registration and initial setup
  2. Primary configurations
  3. Supplementary settings (optional)

Guided instructions make it user-friendly, irrespective of the user’s expertise.

Who’s It For?

  • Those wanting to monetize webinars with minimal effort.
  • Individuals struggling to break even online.
  • Anyone aiming for optimized webinar results without direct participation.
  • Those desiring a hands-off, profitable webinar model.
  • Users seeking a one-time-payment tool for an automated revenue channel.

Strengths and Weaknesses PROS:

  • Compatible across devices and niches.
  • Includes built-in webinars.
  • Affordable with no recurring costs.
  • Simplifies list creation, product sales, and affiliate transactions.
  • User-friendly, requiring no coding knowledge.
  • Unlimited audience capacity.
  • Comprehensive tutorial resources.


  • More established alternatives exist (often pricier).
  • The need to create webinars persists.


  • Can Autonars function on any device? Yes, it’s cloud-based and device-agnostic.
  • Are there monthly fees for Autonars? No recurring fees when purchased now.
  • Have others found success with Autonars? Webinars have a track record of profitability. Autonars simply automates this.
  • Is technical expertise necessary? Not at all, it’s user-friendly with guided setup.
  • How does Autonars aid me? It automates a lucrative sales channel.
  • Is it niche-specific? No, it’s versatile across niches.
  • Is manual webinar hosting required? No, Autonars offers complete automation.
  • Where can I address further queries? Exclusive support for Autonars users is available.

Concluding Thoughts In essence, Autonars stands out as a premium tool that offers a streamlined approach to automating your webinar earnings. By automating a traditionally labor-intensive profit channel, it allows users to tap into potential revenues with minimal groundwork.

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