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EazyDesign Review

EazyDesign Review – Unrestricted PLR Included

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EazyDesign Review – Unrestricted PLR Included

Are you looking for a way to boost your online income without needing specific design skills? Look no further! Welcome to the world of EazyDesign, your gateway to captivating visual materials that can drive tremendous traffic to your online ventures.

EazyDesign Review
EazyDesign Review

EazyDesign offers you an incredible opportunity to access over 500 Canva Design Templates, all bundled with Unrestricted Private Label Rights (PLR) at a discounted rate. This all-in-one design tool is tailor-made for Canva Free Account users and allows you to effortlessly create eBooks, CVs, CD/Album covers, Ads Banners, and posters in just 60 seconds!

Here’s why EazyDesign Review is truly awesome:

  • Ready-to-sell design templates that eliminate the need for downloads or installations.
  • You keep 100% of the profits from your designs.

No more hassles with downloads or installations when customizing your design templates. Get ready to effortlessly grow your online business and take advantage of this exceptional discounted pricing offer!

Interested in learning more? Dive deeper into EazyDesign with my comprehensive review.

EazyDesign Review – What is EazyDesign? The Ultimate Design Creator for Canva Free Account Users

EazyDesign is the complete solution for all your creative design needs. With its extensive library of design templates, you can easily create eBook designs, CV/resume designs, CD/album cover designs, ads banner designs, and poster designs – all with a lead magnet – in just 60 seconds flat!

It’s a trending design tool that can drive unlimited traffic and boost your sales. Plus, you can sell your design templates within seconds and pocket 100% of the profits.

No more struggling to create designs from scratch, no more stress, and no more wasting time on downloads!

EazyDesign equips you with all the tools required to grab your audience’s attention with top-trending designs using just a Canva Free Account. It instantly generates attention-grabbing designs that can help you get more traffic, leads, and sales faster than ever before.

Now, you can effortlessly create hundreds to thousands of top-trending designs within seconds and enjoy substantial profits, all from the comfort of your own workspace.

EazyDesign Review – Features and Benefits Key Features:

  • Access to the world’s best design creator templates.
  • Ready-to-use and sell designs covering various niches.
  • 100% seamless usage on Mac, Windows, or smartphones.
  • Create mini eBooks or in-depth long eBooks as per your needs.
  • Over 500 Canva design templates at your disposal.
  • Unlimited access with no monthly recurring fees.
  • No need for download files as all elements are included.
  • No special skills or prior experience required.
  • Unlimited exports with no limitations.
  • Fully customizable designs builder.
  • Unrestricted PLR included, allowing you to sell them.


  • Create thousands of unique and stunning designs effortlessly.
  • Establish yourself as a professional design service provider quickly.
  • Save time, money, and effort by delivering a wide range of designs to your audience, turning them into buyers faster.
  • Edit your designs using Android and Apple devices, as well as Windows and iOS computers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of an Unrestricted Private Label Rights License, exclusively available during this launch.

EazyDesign Review – How Does It Work?

EazyDesign Review
EazyDesign Review

EazyDesign Review – My Experience Using It

As a beta tester for this software, I had the privilege of exploring EazyDesign and using it extensively. I’ll share my firsthand experience to provide you with an authentic perspective.

EazyDesign is truly the ultimate design solution for Canva Free Account users. It offers a comprehensive selection of creative design templates, enabling you to create eBooks, CVs, CD/album covers, ads banners, and posters, complete with lead magnets – all in just 60 seconds!

It’s a trending design tool that can drive unlimited traffic and enhance your sales. What’s more, you can sell your design templates within seconds and retain 100% of the profits.

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating designs from scratch, bid farewell to stress, and forget about wasting time on downloading files!

EazyDesign provides you with all the necessary tools to capture your audience’s attention with top-trending designs using a Canva Free Account. It instantly generates eye-catching designs, helping you attract more traffic, leads, and sales at an accelerated pace.

Now, you can effortlessly produce hundreds to thousands of top-trending designs in a matter of seconds and reap substantial profits – all from the convenience of your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions and answers related to EazyDesign:

Q: What is EazyDesign?

A: EazyDesign is a vast collection of Canva Design Templates. It’s not a software, plugin, or WordPress theme.

Q: How do I edit it, and what about compatibility?

A: The best part is that you don’t need any special software to use Canva. The website is available as an app for Android and Apple devices, as well as an app for Windows and iOS computers. This makes it incredibly easy to transform your templates into captivating designs that can elevate your promotions from average to exceptional.

Q: Are the images or photos included?

A: Yes, all the images and photos used in this package have licenses that allow redistribution.

Q: Do I need a Canva subscription?

A: No, you don’t need a paid Canva subscription. All the templates can be used in both the free and paid versions of Canva. All you need is a Free Canva Account.

Q: Are there any additional upsells or offers?

A: Yes, after purchasing our main offer, you have the option to upgrade to the PRO Packages. With the PRO Packages, you’ll receive over 1000 new premium design templates, extra bundle templates, and exclusive bonuses. This allows you to start generating income by offering graphic design services or reselling templates.

Q: What kind of license do I get?

A: You can choose between two licenses: Commercial or Unrestricted PLR.

Q: How do I access my templates?

A: After purchasing the templates, all you need to do is create a Canva account on your mobile device or computer. You’ll then be able to access all the Canva templates you’ve purchased and edit them to suit your needs.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Please pay attention to our requirements. We offer a refund if there is a problem solely with the product, and our technical support is unable to resolve it for you. Refunds are processed only for clear and reasonable reasons within 14 days of your purchase.

Q: Can I rebrand the product with a commercial option?

A: No, if you want to rebrand our product, you’ll need to purchase our Unrestricted PLR License. With the Commercial option, you can use EazyDesign for yourself and your clients but cannot sell the templates further.

In summary,

EazyDesign offers a unique opportunity to supercharge your online business with captivating designs that are quick and easy to create. With its Unrestricted PLR included, this launch is an exceptional chance to enhance your design offerings and boost your income. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your online ventures with EazyDesign!



In my view, EazyDesign is unquestionably a game-changer, offering a multitude of benefits that can significantly impact your business. In this digital age, whether your business is online or local, having an online presence is crucial for building a brand and earning the trust of your audience and potential customers. This app is designed to enhance your business and is an essential component of any profitable online venture. It forms the backbone of every successful online business, and if you aim to run a finely tuned operation, EazyDesign is a must-have.

Pros and Cons


SOME of The MANY Ways EazyDesign Will Boost Your Profit And Business For A Price Small Cup Of Coffee!

  • Run a Big Studio production agency for offline and online businesses and attract more clients.
  • Create Top Trending designs for Local or Online businesses and drive tons of traffic.
  • Use them for Designs in any Niche Project of your own or your client’s.
  • Perform design on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or any platform to get free viral traffic.
  • Resell them to others for insane profits.
  • Bundle it with your other products and sell a bigger package for even bigger profits.
  • Create design templates and charge a monthly subscription amount to access these templates.
  • Become an instant authority in ANY niche.
  • Skyrocket your free traffic, leads, and sales.
  • And So Much More…

The Potential UNLIMITED PROFIT with EazyDesign!


Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with EazyDesign software.

Who Should Buy It? EazyDesign Works For Everyone…

  • Advertisers: Create breathtaking designs to convert audiences into raving customers that repeatedly buy.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Create unlimited designs for your products and services to get the best traffic and converting sales.
  • Digital Marketers: Capture your audience through awesome, high-quality unique visuals that convert prospects into sales.
  • eCommerce Store Owners: Just clicks & edit. You can easily create unlimited designs for your products or services and gain mass exposure.
  • Content Creators: Replace text & image with beautifully designed visuals to get many buyers and customers in all your projects.
  • Freelancers: Create powerful top designs for local businesses and get paid selling this as a service.
  • Social Media Managers: Get captivating designs that go viral and generate hoards of free traffic without any effort.
  • Home Business: Work-from-home individuals wanting to sell their own creative Canva designs to businesses.

Price and Evaluation

✅FE: EazyDesign ($15 – $25 / One Time)

  • eBook Design Templates
  • CV/Resume Design Templates
  • CD/Album Cover Design Templates
  • Ads Banner Design Templates
  • Poster Design Templates
  • Unrestricted PLR Included
  • Total 500+ DFY Premium Canva Design Templates

✅OTO1: EazyDesign Pro Upgrade Version ($33)

  • eBook Design Templates
  • CV/Resume Design Templates
  • CD/Album Cover Design Templates
  • Ads Banner Design Templates
  • Poster Design Templates
  • Unrestricted PLR Included
  • Total 1000+ New Premium Canva Design Templates on OTO1

✅OTO2: 7600+ Canva Design Bundle Pack ($47)

  • Private Label Rights License

✅OTO3 : Veromatic ($54)

  • Module #1: Cinematic Vertical Style Animations
  • Module #2: Various Vertical Style Animations
  • Module #3: Promo Vertical Style Animations
  • Module #4: Tips Vertical Style Animations
  • Module #5: Quote Vertical Style Animations
  • Module #6: Square Promo Animations
  • Module #7: Vertical Banner Designs
  • Module #8: Square Banner Designs
  • Private Label Rights License

✅OTO4: Special Series Animation Bundle ($63)

  • Module #1: Promo Style Video Animations
  • Module #2: Corporate Style Video Animations
  • Module #3: Square Video Animations
  • Module #4: Vertical Video Animations
  • Module #5: Feed Ads Animations
  • Module #6: Square Banner Designs
  • Module #7: Vertical Banner Designs
  • Module #8: Infographic Designs
  • Module #9: YouTube Thumbnail Designs
  • Total 3000+ Canva Animation Templates
  • Private Label Rights License
Apps For Money
Apps For Money



I trust that my EazyDesign Review has provided you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. EazyDesign is a versatile and powerful tool that can transform your business by offering stunning designs that drive traffic and conversions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your online ventures with EazyDesign!

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